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Factors You Need To Consider Before Your Hire WordPress Developer

Do you want to hire WordPress developer for your website? We all know with a market share of 63.5%, WordPress is the CMS of choice for 38.2% of the top ten million most visited websites on the internet. It hosted over 455 million websites in 2020. It’s natural if you wish to utilize WordPress for your website because of its popularity and reach. However, building a website from the ground up and keeping it up and running is a difficult task. To build your website and broaden your reach, it’s best to hire a dedicated WordPress developer to work on your website.

If this got you wondering- “how do I hire a WordPress developer?” Or- “what should I look for when hiring a WordPress developer?” 

Don’t stress! You have come to the right place. Read on to know more.

Many WordPress web design companies are providing services suited to your needs. You can get in touch with such agencies or hire a dedicated WordPress developer who freelances. Now, with the ‘where’ out of the way, let’s focus on the ‘what’. There are certain aspects you need to look out for before hiring a WordPress professional.

Factors to consider when you hire WordPress Developer

There are many factors that you must consider while hiring a WordPress Developer. Let’s see them all one by one:

Outline your requirements

You must define the project’s needs. Based on their knowledge and skills, the WordPress developers will give you a strategic plan for the end result. You may supply them with all of the project’s specifics. They will then, comprehend the needs and attempt to elicit as much necessary information from you as possible to give you the necessary, high-quality result.

See portfolio and references

Going through a company’s or developer’s portfolio as well as their latest work is a fantastic technique to assess their competency. You may find their portfolio on their website or internet sources such as GitHub. This provides you with significant information about their knowledge and quality, as well as whether they meet your expectations.

Another method is to look at the references they have from previous clients. These are available on the corporate websites. When it comes to freelancers, social networking is an excellent place to learn about their prior job quality and ability.

Service-minded or not

The majority of the developers have prior company and freelance experience. As a result, it is advantageous for them when they begin working as a WordPress developer at a company. They understand the value of time and do not waste any of it. You should employ service-oriented individuals if you want to be a successful businessperson.

Check basic elements

Before you proceed, it is critical to consider certain fundamental aspects. Can the individual or company you are hiring provide suitable answers to your questions?

Can they give you an update on the situation? Is the developer clarifying the points so that you may grasp them quickly? Is the mode of communication viable? These are some factors to look out for before you finalize a developer.

WordPress best practices

When building websites, every WordPress developer understands and performs certain things. While there is no one comprehensive list of best practices, the fundamentals of these practices are well recognized within the WordPress community, with minor differences among developers.

Inquiring about best practices is a good method to get to know the developers and their processes. In some ways, they are the guiding principles that the individual you select will employ to finish your job.

Technical expertise

WordPress is founded on PHP, but you will also require knowledge of MySQL, HTML/XHTML, CSS, and other technologies to construct the website. In addition to this fundamental understanding, WordPress developers should be familiar with plugins, theme adjustments, website loading speed, and security.

Once the website has been created, you will need the developers to manage it and update the design and content regularly. They must be up to speed on the latest technological breakthroughs and market improvements.


The budget for developers must be determined from the outset. It is advantageous for developers to grasp the budget and accomplish the task inside it. The cost of the project is determined by a variety of elements such as integration, features, plugins, number of pages, and so on. 

It would be beneficial to the project if developers could establish the budget as well as completion time frames. Having a firm grasp of the project’s costs will enable you to strike a balance between quality and cost. It will assist you in avoiding compromising the project’s quality. To get a fair comparison, figure out the overall cost of the project rather than an hourly fee.


Nowadays, communication is essential in all aspects of a business. In today’s environment, technical expertise alone is insufficient for a developer. They must also be effective communicators.

Websites are springing up in every part of the globe these days. Clients will come from various geographical and cultural backgrounds. Developers must be able to communicate effectively in order to accomplish their jobs well.

SEO optimization knowledge 

One of the primary reasons for WordPress design and development is that it has SEO-friendly features. WordPress is the market’s most SEO-friendly CMS. However, developers must still adopt SEO best practices for the website for it to rank higher in search engine results. As a result, fundamental SEO understanding is essential for optimal and high-quality outcomes.

WordPress developers have a very saturated market. There is a large pool of expert WordPress developers, and it might be difficult to choose the right developer from this group. By offering the following criteria, we have attempted to make hiring WordPress developers as simple as possible. We hope this helps you identify your ideal WordPress web development company for your ideal website.  These are just a few of the topics you should think about at the start of your employment process. This is by no means an entire list, since your research and homework when selecting a WordPress developer will have a significant influence on the success of your project.