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As a full-stack blockchain development company in INDIA, we assist startups and corporations in leveraging the blockchain’s decentralized network. Our Blockchain Development Team leverages our technical capabilities, product thinking, and expertise to create solutions that infuse our clients’ business operations with a new degree of transparency, efficiency, and automation.

Block Chain Technology
Blockchain app development

Blockchain app development

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger system which distribute the Digital assets across the entire network instead of copying and transferring. Blockchain technology reduce risk and allow real-time access to the assets bringing transparency to the system.

Blockchain consists of blocks linked using crytography which store information of the previous blocks and is a permanent recorded set of data in a digital ledger.

In terms of technology, Blockchain is a string of encrypted records. The system automatically validates each new entry and the recorded data in any given block cannot be altered without alternation of all subsequent blocks. Thus resulting a safe, secure, distributed and reliable database of information.

Today many industries like financial institutions, banks, non-profit organizations and even governments have adopted Blockchain technology. We can help your business adopt Blockchain technologies and develop a decentralize application.

Blockchain app development


Blockchain Technology

Why Block Chain?

Today, Blockchain technology has transformed the way of doing business by decentralizing ledgers to keep transaction records. Blockchain technology provides a very high level of secure and safest peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain reduces any kind of discrepancy as one can see each and everything on the decentralized network.

At Innbits with solid Blockchain experience, we can support you to develop a decentralized application using Blockchain technology to bring more transparency across your digital information ecosystem. We are early adaptor of Blockchain Technology and the leading Blockchain service provider company in Bangalore.

Blockchain app development

Our Services

Our Blockchain App Development Services

Private Blockchain

Private Blockchain

We develop Blockchain application for organisation to internally manage and safeguard their commercial transactions and data interchange.

Ethereum Development

Ethereum Development

We use Ethereum platform to create highly secure decentralized digital application with smart contract functionality that enables users to conduct transaction with each other.

Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger Development

Innbits have the expertise in developing and deploying Hyperledger (the most secure foundation) environment to build blockchain framework.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract

We have the abilities to develop self executing smart contracts providing transaction transparency and traceability among the the users.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Innbits with strong technical experience has the ability to develop cryptocurrency wallet app that allows user to store and retrieve digital assets.



Solidity is an object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. Our Solidity developers can implement smart contracts on Ethereum platform.



Our extensively experienced developers can develop a digital martketplace for you with core functionalities where traders can exhange digital currencies.

Supply Chain Development

Supply Chain Development

For transparency and accuracy in the end-to-end transactions, Innbits can help organization to track assets from production to delivery by digitizing physical assets and creating decentralized records.

Our Services

We work on Blockchain Development


An umbrella project for open source blockchains dedicated to the development of enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

Ethereum (1)


A decentralised public platform for the execution of decentralised applications


Stellar is a decentralised platform for developing financial solutions that connect people from all over the world.

Corda-1 (1)


Corda is a business-focused open source blockchain platform.

EOS (1)


EOS is a decentralized blockchain, which can process fast and free transactions



We can assist you in determining the blockchain's potential for your firm. We conduct market research, feasibility analysis of projects, study of blockchain platforms and tools, and feature prioritisation.


We can assist you in determining the blockchain's potential for your firm. We conduct market research, feasibility analysis of projects, study of blockchain platforms and tools, and feature prioritisation.



We as a Blockchain software development company deliver high fidelity designs while ensuring a seamless user experience. The technical design contains system blueprint design including technical component definition, user stories and database design of the platform.



From ideation to design and development, our blockchain developers can build enterprise-grade applications to help clients accelerate time to market and maximize ROI (Return on Investment).



Gain entrance to the platform with the appropriate hand and at the appropriate stage. Our blockchain development team deploys on-premises and cloud-based permissioned and public blockchains.



We monitor, maintain, and support the management of new operating systems, third-party upgrades, and new releases. Our blockchain developers are accessible to assist with the resolution of any significant issues.


We will assist you in migrating to the blockchain from your present solution. We collaborate with you to develop a test, migration, and maintenance strategy. We recognise the critical nature of maintaining business operations and avoiding downtime.

Blockchain Application Across Industries


Cyber attacks and hacking has increased significantly nowadays. To lessen these issues and guarantee transparency, Banking, and Finance institutions have been leveraging Blockchain application in their process. Blockchain is also simplifying the KYC procedure.

Blockchain app development

security-1 (1)


Blockchain will be a disruptive force in the auto industry. It will help the automotive industries in smooth operations across all sectors of the organization – supply chain management, manufacturing process, finances, vehicle safety, and insurance.

Blockchain app development

Supply Chain

Blockchain will ensure transparency and accurate end-to-end tracking in the supply chain. Blockchain can help organizations record location, date, price, quality, and other relevant information to manage the supply chain more effectively.

Blockchain app development

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In retail, Blockchain can be extensively used for payment methods, tracking shipments, keeping track of customer warranties, designing loyalty programs, etc. Blockchain will centralize the database, reduce fraud, and increase transparency in the retail sector thus increasing productivity.



Blockchain leverages efficiency, security, and transparency in the insurance industry. It can streamline the insurance claims process, boost cybersecurity and fasten up the payment process.


Travel and transportation

Blockchain can help to improve the travel experience. It can be used to develop a decentralized booking marketplace, loyalty schemes, tracking identity of travellers, travel insurance, baggage tracking, etc.


Block chain technology has the capability to revolutionize healthcare improving security, transparency and efficiency in managing healthcare data.

goverment (1)


Ensure information safety to safeguard public record information.


Blockchain plays an important role in improvising and automating various sectors of automotive industry. Identification and tracking of vehicles, transparency in change of ownership, automation in insurance claims etc.

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What are the advantages of developing a blockchain?

Among the several advantages of Blockchain Development, two have proven important in its progress.
The first concern is data security and integrity; the second concern is minimal operational costs.

How to Employ a Blockchain Development Firm?

You must ask numerous questions in order to identify the best Blockchain Development Company.
Since when has a company worked in that domain, their project development methodologies, cost structure, the company’s experience, the expertise of their developers, their portfolio, and most importantly, the value they provide to your product.

How does AI-assisted deep learning work?

Deep learning is a technique that employs a specific set of machine learning algorithms over numerous layers.

  • SSL (HTTPS) for protection of session IDs and cookies.
  • Validation of server-side data
  • Frequent vulnerability scans while production and update.
  • Data validation via an HTTP request to prevent attacks such as SQL injection, log injection, Cross Site Scripting and HTTP Response Splitting.

However, if a project requires additional security we also provide third-party third-party testing and compliance with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) for web applications, and PCI e-commerce requirements.

What Business Applications Does Blockchain Have?

Due to the fact that blockchain is a data structure, it may be utilised in a variety of businesses to secure data.
Healthcare, retail, insurance, digital identity, supply chain, logistics, real estate, media, and government are just a few of the industries with whom we collaborate on Blockchain development.

Which Blockchain Development Platforms Are You Currently Developing?

We are the industry’s favourite Blockchain Development Company for Hyperledger, Stellar, Corda, EOS, TRON, Ethereum, and Hashgraph.
Additionally, we are expanding into a variety of additional platforms and taking on unique Blockchain Development projects.

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