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UX/UI Design for Web and Mobile applications

Everyone knows that First Impression is the Best Impression. How good the app’s features and functionality are, it doesn’t matter if it’s impressive in look and feel. Curated UI / UX design has the ability to grab consumers’ attention, make them loyal consumers first, and turn them into loyal next customers.

UI design is how a product looks, but UX design is how feeling. UI design captures consumer attention with striking app screen and its elements such as color pattern, fonts, layout, and illuminated characters, etc.UX Design enhances user satisfaction by improving usability, ease of access, response to the actions and enhances the delight provided when interacting users with the app. The ultimate goal is to solid UI / UX design is to maximize the user experience, by making interaction simple and effective. Here’s what every app owner expects from a UI / UX app design company.

ux/ui design

Why UX/UI design?

  • If your mobile app is not impressive at first glance or is not easy to use, users could uninstall the app immediately after first use. After that they have hundreds of alternatives. Attractive UI design is key in engaging users.
  • Enhanced User Experience is the key to bring in repeat customers. For example, if the customer does not receive a notification after completing the payment, they may feel suspicious about the company. Thoughtful UX design is key in building a loyal user base.

ux/ui design


How to create solid UX/UI Design?

  • Keep the icons accurate
  • Keep the User Interface clear and make it effective
  • The color format should be the same on all pages
  • Define features and function in symbol rather than text, like using Delete symbol instead of Delete text
  • Put posts or pop-ups before allowing to take a major action, such as “You want to delete it forever? ” Also provide an option to postpone it.
  • Send feedback as soon as you complete an action, such as “Your payment has been received, thank you.”

ux/ui design

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User Navigation

The secret to designing a successful app is balancing the functionality your consumers require with an intuitive design and user experience that makes it as simple to use as possible. Chetu’s professionals in bespoke UI/UX design will create the ideal desktop, mobile, or web application to fit your unique company goals and industry specifications. With our custom application development services that create new user experiences, you may solve complicated business problems and overcome obstacles.


CRO & User Experiences Solutions

A well-designed user experience is critical to an application's success. Whether your goal is to keep visitors engaged with your commercial application or to ensure a consistent workflow for your staff on an enterprise platform, we build simple and robust information architecture. Allow us to streamline an organic process flow in order to optimise conversion rates (CRO). Throughout development, we meticulously fine-tune elements to collect data and convert sales.


Mobile UI/UX Development Services

Our usability testing professionals apply their UI and GUI testing methodology to optimise navigation ease, user engagement, element functionality, consistency across numerous settings, integrations, implementations, and information flow. Depending on your requirements, we can do white box or black box user testing.


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We provide end-to-end mobile application development services that leverage touchscreen capability, responsive user interface designs, and other UX/UI features to create mobile-first user experiences. We've developed native iOS and Android applications as well as hybrid and cross-platform applications using frameworks such as Xamarin, DevExpress, Ionic, Appcelerator, and PhoneGap.





Understanding the requirements and understanding the needs of the end users is the main focus, and based on this, the user story of the plan and market research begins to study the strategies of the competitors. Research shows that the right strategy to differentiates your product is implemented. You can find answers to the the following questions:

  • What kind of end user the product will target?
  • How the workflow can be ease out for the users?
  • What are the existing product similar to our products available in the market?
  • How can the usability and look be improved?
UX/UI design



Our exact blueprint illustrates information design, navigation design, and interface design to get a better understanding of the end product from the outset. Our goal here is to meet your goals by improving the product workflow according to the best arrangements of the elements. In the process, we design wireframes based on the complexity of the requirement. It can be a low fidelity sketch with less detail or a high fidelity wireframe with more detail that matches the actual product. We also define the style guides, design icons for all the elements and develop a prototype that will be almost similar to the actual design.



Based on the prototype design, the team creates a highly realistic and visually rich universal graphical user interface (GUI) that supports a variety of devices and resolutions. The main focus is on enhancing the look and feel. The parameters are color combination, spacing, padding,, and font size. Investigate at this point. Improvements to any usability issues found are also handled at this stage.




The fabricated wireframe and interface design have been tested and validated to understand the design from the observer's point of view, implementing changes based on feedback.




This is the final step where we deliver the UX & UI designs to developers to begin with the development and roll out the product.




The most important phase where we validate the user behavior on using the product. We implement analytic tools to track how users interact with the products? How is the usability? Are the goals fulfilled? How the product can be improved?

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