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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is basically a programmed intelligence, using which computers can action and perform just like the way humans do. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant are some examples of AI Integrated devices. AI Integrated devices assist humans in delivering high-quality, productive results. The application of AI has brought tremendous progress in every field it belongs to. In Fact, AI has always helped us transformed our lives from better to the best.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a division of Artificial Intelligence. The computer uses different algorithmic and mathematical values for making continuous progress without the help of any programs. The system makes decisions based on the data the algorithm provides. In simple words, machine learning is a process by which the computer learns by itself for making a decision or prediction with respect to the data provided.

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How AI and Machine learning Transform your Business ?

It’s different from the way you did business 10 years ago and won’t be the same after 10 years. The only solution that allows businesses to exist in the market forever is to update with technology.

In this era, all aspects of business are changing by artificial intelligence, and AI has gained great acceptance among future business.AI Can be applied to your business to increase productivity and accuracy.AI ensures the smooth operation of your business.AI application varies by business.Let’s see the different applications of artificial intelligence in different businesses.


Why Choose INNBITS For AI Technology?

  • We are experts in the field of mobile development. Our experts are well versed in using native mobile development technologies such as Java, Swift and Objective C.
  • We can develop high-performance hybrids app using web technologies such as C#, .Net framework, AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
  • We follow the best coding practices and guidelines.
  • Our developers are always up-to-date with trending technologies. We conduct conferences, seminars, and other activities that help gain knowledge.
  • We have a strong project management team who keeps you engaged throughout the mobile app development process.

Why Choose Innbits?

Our organisation is famous for delivering trustworthy and cost-effective optimal services.
We have knowledge and a lot to give in our field.

360-Degree Analysis

Assess your project needs closely and create the solution for the performance of your job with the ideal number of qualified AI developers.

24X7 Support

Full AI development assistance from ideas to strategization, development and launch in combination with support after deployment.

Result-Driven Solutions

Our IA-powered applications or software are designed for speedy turnaround of results-oriented solutions.

Seasoned Professionals

We offer unprecedented AI development services to global customers, supported by a robust staff from experienced AI developers.

Maximum Security and Scalability

State-of-the-art data encoding and high-security malware and threats protection plugins.

Agile Software Development

Our cross-functional team follows the collaborative approach of agile software development.

Technologies We Use to Develop AI Solutions







Microsoft Azure



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Technologies We Use to Develop AI Solutions




Elastic Search


Tensor Flow


IBM Watson





Industry Specific AI Applications


We aid e-commerce businesses work with varied types of AI to comprehend their clients and their behaviors, and generate sales opportunities by providing a sophisticated customer working experience. We help you with virtual test technology, identify potential prospects, goal and retarget the clients, improve tips, and sales operations through higher level of personalization by applying AI systems at different ranges.

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AI in automobile industry


Artificial intelligence will be a trending force in the auto industry. It will help the automotive industries in smooth operations across all sectors of the organization – supply chain management, manufacturing process, finances, vehicle safety, and insurance.

Intelligent Blockchain

AI and blockchain turned out to be an emerging force, which improves efficiency in every industry they are implemented. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence combine to improve every sector from logistics, healthcare, food supply chain to media and financial security.

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AI in retail industry


AI has played a crucial role in the retail industries bring in innovation and intelligence. It is improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer experience across every sector of the retail industry. AI is empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and leverage their business with advanced level data and information.

Forensic and Legal

Innbits enable you to implement the power of vision to detect fraudulence or the suspects of an offense through biometric examination or object research. Further, we enable you to secure web lockers filled with wills

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Travel and transportation

Ai is usually playing an extremely important role within the vacation and hospitality field. Because of AI-infused hospitality and travel, App performs any time of your day. This potentially implies that hotel owners can sav


Innbits assist you to gain AI assistance to get benefit in the medical care unit to control medical details and data, automate repetitive responsibilities, custom treatment design, and style based on past medical history, give a digital appointment, expedite the procedure of choosing correct insurance policies, anticipate health predicated on symptoms, monitor health care through examination and inspire for simple living.

AI in healthcare

Multimedia and Entertainment

Executing Artificial Intelligence technology for entertainment and media to improve search and written content consumption experience which will achieve wider models of audiences. Our solutions let you envelop the complete media value chain that includes content designers, editors, or buyers by assisting them to discover the content of their choice.

Financial Services

AI is undoubtedly taking the monetary services sector by storm. Almost every company in the financial sector is implementing this technology. The market has already begun using AI to save lots of time, keep your charges down, and add benefits.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is merely now acquiring its market in manufacturing. Because of the technology, growth and costs fall as manufacturers uncover applications AI included applications that may make complex choices efficiently.


Innbits have helped organizations from the training sector to put into practice AI built-in e-learning devices to attract passionate learners. We offer predictive and suggestion engines for the educational area which helps learners through personalized learning with quick aimed and corrective suggestions.

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Can you explain about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that operates in the same way as people do via the use of Machine Learning and is designed to perform tasks more efficiently.
It is capable of easily learning, planning, and comprehending new information.

What are the primary artificial intelligence technologies?

Natural language generation, machine learning platforms, AI-optimized hardware, speech recognition, virtual agents, decision management, deep learning platforms, biometrics, cyber defence, and robotics automation are just few of the applications.

How does AI-assisted deep learning work?

Deep learning is a technique that employs a specific set of machine learning algorithms over numerous layers.

  • SSL (HTTPS) for protection of session IDs and cookies.
  • Validation of server-side data
  • Frequent vulnerability scans while production and update.
  • Data validation via an HTTP request to prevent attacks such as SQL injection, log injection, Cross Site Scripting and HTTP Response Splitting.

However, if a project requires additional security we also provide third-party third-party testing and compliance with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) for web applications, and PCI e-commerce requirements.

What technologies are you utilising to incorporate AI into the application?

As a leading Artificial Intelligence development firm in Bangalore, our AI application development team integrates AI into your app using cutting-edge tools and technologies including as NumPy, Python, CNTK, spaCy, TensorFlow, and Spark.

What advantages does Natural Language Processing (NLP) provide?

NLP is a type of artificial intelligence that makes use of language and its grammar principles via patterns in massive datasets.
Computers analyse patterns in consumer posts across Facebook and other social media platforms to determine how users feel about a given product.

What role does Artificial Intelligence play in our daily lives?

Nowadays, everyone who owns a smartphone makes use of Artificial Intelligence to simplify their lives.
Siri is one example of this, as is Facebook’s suggestion of photo tags by image recognition, and Amazon’s recommendation of products via machine learning algorithms.

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