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With the Gaming industry becoming an active plus multibillion-dollar entity, it’s has become essential for you to create top amusing games that exceed and reach your user expectations. For that, you can rely on our game development team highly unique in offering Mobile game development, PC game development, Console game development, AR, and Facebook game development services.


Why Choose Us ?

When you connect to Innbits as a mobile game development company, You’ll get all the famous services trending in the present gaming industry such as gambling, fantasy sports, entertainment, and simulation game development that surely helps you to be at the forefront, following the market demand and also easily getting connected to your online gamers.


Our Game Genres

Mobile Game

Get connected to mobile end-users with Appealing Mobile Games.

PC Game

Enhance ultimate gaming experience with excellent PC/Laptop Games.


Build a huge fan base from extraordinary Console Games.

AR Game

Delight the game audience with AR/VR/MR Games.


Entertain your facebook audience with marvelous FB games.


Innbits Services For Android
Game Development

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems, with over 60% of smartphones, tablets, and a variety of other devices running on it.

Innbits Technologies is the best Android game development business situated in India, assisting clients in developing their concepts into fully-fledged AAA-quality Android games.

We have a specialized and certified team of Android Game Developers who are proficient with a variety of Android game development tools and SDKs.
We combine advanced programming, a rich user interface, an effective user experience, and animation to create visually appealing and engaging Android games for our clients.

Innbits Services For iOS
Game Development

The majority of smartphone users choose iOS devices. iOS devices are renowned for their performance and graphics. Games on iOS smartphones run smoothly and provide an incredible gaming experience.

Our iOS game developers are proficient in Swift, Objective-C, React Native, and Flutter, which enables them to easily transform your concept into an iOS game that runs on a variety of Apple devices, including the Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone.
Our engineers are committed to exceeding your expectations, while our designers ensure that your iOS game is visually appealing.


Our Game Services

Game Art

Our video game design company's team produces handcrafted 2D and AAA-grade 3D art assets while adhering to the highest project management requirements and strict internal quality control.


Game Development

We provide a comprehensive range of video game art and development services for the creation of entertainment projects, leveraging our experience gained across 50+ completed projects for partners and our own names.

Game Animation

Our game art studio possesses extensive experience in both art design and animation using cutting-edge technology for a diverse variety of game genres and settings.


Tools We Use

Innbits Game developers use cutting-edge technologies to transform your unique and innovative gaming concepts into exciting and futuristic games. We Use advanced technologies like as Unity, Unreal, HTML5, and Cocos2d to deliver incredible and breath-taking game development services.

Unity 3D

The Unity3D game engine supports all the way from conception to release the development of any game project. Developers can create games on all the main game platforms worldwide with their features and toolkits.


Using HTML5 & WebGL for the game is one of the best choices because there are various tested and high-quality game engines for which development time can be saved.


We leverage the power of the Unreal Engine for clever game design and gorgeous graphics that we provide our users. We have already exceeded customer expectations in a wide variety of projects for market leaders


Truly attractive gameplay and extensive features are part of Cocos 2D. An experienced Cocos2D development team delivers entertaining games for users.


Tool We Use To Create People Choice games

Adobe Illustrator


What are different platforms on which you can develop games?

Games can developed for different devices like smartphone, desktop and for different operating systems: Android, Apple iOS & Windows. Facebook and browser games are also being developed nowadays.

How much time does a game take to design?

Depending on the size and complexity of the game, it take time to design a game. It can take years for Big AAA titles to make.

What technology & tools used to design a game?

It depends on the type of games you want to make and the game engine you wish to employ, but many prospective game designers can use these languages. Some of the tools are:

  • Unity 3D
  • Cocos 2D
  • Cocos 2D-X
  • Box2D
  • OpenAL
  • OpenGL ES(1.1- 2.0+)
  • ChipMunk
  • Corona
  • Steam Programming
How to start a game development?

The main stage is the ideation. You just need to know what you are planning to implement, a core idea. Our game expert will guide you to transform your ideas into reality with an intuitive gaming experience

What are the best tools to develop multiplayer games for Android?

Multiplayer games are in trend now and are addictive. Innbits game developer are skilled to develop an addictive multiplayer game. Following tools we use to develop multiplayer game:

  • Unity 3D
  • cocos2dx
  • Flash
  • CryEngine
  • Marmalade
Can i generate revenue from games?

You can generate revenue from the game through multiple ways.

  1. Paid Game: You can start earning revenue selling your paid games.
  2. In-app purchase: Game will be free to download, but user will pay for different stuffs in the app. For example, unlocking stages, characters, buying coins, costumes etc.
  3. In-game Advertisement: You can earn revenue placing ads in the game
Will Innbits assist in publishing my game?

Yes, we will be helping you in publishing your games and deploying it live

Will Innbits able to develop mobile games which would work across platform?

Yes, we can develop cross platform app using reliable and updated frameworks and deploy it across platforms.

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