Our Methodology


Our Methodology

Innbits, as a mobile application development company will boost your presence by delivering customized and dynamic mobile solutions that meet the needs of business, industry and end-users.



For the maximum convenience of our customers, we allow them to choose between three distinct engagement models and each of one them has their unique benefits:

Time and Material

  • Perfect for medium and large size companies
  • Flexibility of adding changes as the process goes
  • High quality and well-tested product

Fixed Price

  • Good for small and medium size companies
  • Project predictability
  • Controlled costs

Dedicated Team

  • Great for large firms
  • Complete control over the project
  • Optimum management of resources



Our Design Methodology regards meeting the needs and wants of the end user is the most important concern. We implement innovative ideas and collaborative thinking to work through each proposed design.
Our UI Design Methodology is based on the following UCD (User Centric Design) principles:

  • Defining target users and application objectives
  • Understanding users’ behaviour with the application
  • Analysing the direct competitors’ applications
  • Designing a perceptive design that enables engaging user experience
  • Evaluation of the design through the user feedback that is gathered using prototypes




We primarily follow Agile Methodology to develop complete and refined applications that ensure maximum ROI.

We are strictly adhered to the principles of iterative model and incremental model in the Scrum process. Our scrum team that includes expert developers, testers, database people, and support people show core competencies in every sprint they work on. The team does brainstorming to clearly understand every user story taken from the product backlog, and refine it and collectively works on it with the intervention of the product owner. Our scrum master makes sure the scrum team is productive and progressive throughout the SDLC and the defined user stories are perfectly implemented.

On the completion of every sprint, we make sure the stakeholders’ inputs are considered and expectations are perfectly met.

We do unfailingly perform the following activities in Agile Scrum methodology:

  • Planning meeting
  • Execution of sprint tasks
  • Daily scrum meeting (call)
  • Review meeting
  • Retrospective meeting

Early and predictable Delivery

through time-boxed, fixed schedule Sprints of 1-4 weeks

Flexibility of Making Changes

to the app at any stage of its development

Optimum Project Engagement

through a high degree of collaboration between the client and project team


with the maximum opportunity provided for clients to be involved in the project

Predictable cost and Schedule

through the estimates provided to the client prior to each sprint

Better Application Quality

through rigorous testing and reviews during each iteration for every produced build




Our approach to Project Communication aims to keep all internal and external stakeholders updated and informed about each and every aspect of the project and deliver the expected outcome. It focuses on to:

  • Keep stakeholders engaged and project team members motivated
  • Provide appropriate clarity and details on the project
  • Monitor and control communications throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Communicate with senior executives about scope change and additional requirements
  • Highlight issues, risks and exceptions

Tasks and tools used:

  • Communication plan
  • Exception reports
  • Project charter
  • Weekly status reports
  • Email updates
  • Face-to-face reviews

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