E-Commerce Mobile App Development – How Much Does It Cost?

The flourishing E-Commerce opens new doors for emerging businesses such as start-ups and keen retailers. However, escalating rivalry and consistently changing prerequisites of clients can over-indulge the party. There, a feature-rich E-Commerce mobile app lends some assistance. Retailers need to equip the power of mobile apps to address these difficulties practically and productively. Nonetheless, they need to know and assess the cost to develop an E-Commerce mobile app.

Nowadays, individuals like to order while being on the move or within the solace of their homes. The reliance on mobile apps is, hence, expanding step by step. The most predominant patterns include extensive search options for shopping on the go and internet-based secure payment options. As an E-Commerce entrepreneur, you can offer these facilities to your clients through an E-Commerce app for iOS or Android.

Advantages of Creating an E-Commerce app for Business Application

There are various advantages of utilising E-Commerce apps.

While you might think about the cost of E-Commerce Mobile App development, you might need to think about it on account of understanding the following.


According to the surveys and studies conducted, Indian clients generally commit around 169 minutes every day to their cell phones. Brands can support their brand visibility by building a versatile mobile application and marketing it on the clients’ mobile screens.


The clients can get to the versatile application anyplace, whenever the timing is ideal and flexible according to one’s convenience and within their comfort zone.

Item Display

With the mobile application, you can exhibit your range of commodities and boost your reach to your clients. You would have the option to show the series of your product with appealing pictures, in contrast to conventional marketing.

App Rewards

You can plant the seeds of faithfulness, which will work out as expected over the long haul. You can continuously compensate your loyal, dedicated, and regular clients and develop a solid bond with them.

Better Personalisation

You would identify your clients by their former order history, search history, and wishlist history and propose services and products. It’s such as giving each client a customised area with their products of interest.

Direct Marketing Channel

Your mobile app will be the direct marketing channel with practically no obstructions. You can convey offers, limits, and bargains through pop-up messages and elements that permit you to associate with clients.

Brand Building Tools

The E-Commerce mobile app development cost isn’t anything when contrasted with the brand influence it offers. Here, you will have the control to make it jazzy with a touch of style, intelligently interactive, and easy to use while advertising your logo simultaneously. Also, organisations can have a go at welcoming their clients and attracting organic traffic on the app occasionally by putting a deal.

Client Engagement

Regardless of your business, it would be best if you interfaced with your potential organic crowd. The mobile app will permit you to draw in with your clients by building a solid tie.

Spread Brand Awareness

The E-Commerce app development company makes an app following your plan of action, consequently helping you build your image visibility. Online business apps with customised experience can be an incredible instrument for successful client correspondence.

However, E-Commerce apps offer many advantages to retailers and new agencies. Still, many business people have no clue about the expense of E-Commerce mobile app development. We should dive profound into this matter in this blog.

Factors That Will Decide the cost of E-Commerce Mobile App development

The emphases referenced before clearly clarify the significance of having a mobile app is required for all organisations and businesses to survive amidst the neck-thriving competition. Presently, how about we investigate factors that assist you and help you decide how much it costs for ecommerce mobile app development.

The online business App Platform

The E-commerce app platform choice relies upon the ideal interest group for your E-Commerce business. For instance, assuming you focus on US or UK-based individuals, it is wiser first to bring an E-Commerce app for iOS. Additionally, the platform decision relies upon the kind of app you need to assemble. For instance, assuming you need an application that can flawlessly function in both Android and iOS stages, then, at that point, you ought to choose cross-platform ecommerce mobile app development.

Local apps or, as such, the best E-Commerce mobile apps for iOS or Android are the most pricey with the best service compared with hybrid or cross-platform apps. Android E-Commerce app development in local applications is undoubtedly costlier than iOS application advancement since it requires some investment to create and QA testing than its iOS counterpart.

It would be best to be detailed while picking the e-commerce platform, as it may be iOS or Android. It is feasible to construct the app for multiple devices, and your expense will contrast contingent on the stage and gadgets you select. Android clients possess 46% of the total smartphone stake for Canadian clients. While for the iOS portion of the overall industry, gauges are around 53%.

In addition, time to fabricate the application will matter while working out the expense. Building a local app or hybrid application expands the fee. Local apps are costly contrasted with hybrid ones as they are fast. These things will decide the amount it expenses to make a web-based business app.

The App Functionality

The app configuration can represent the moment of truth and the standing of your business. It is possibly the main component to consider during the E-Commerce mobile app development process. The app configuration cost ranges from $1500 to $25000. The app’s highlights and usefulness essentially affect the development span, and consequently, they are likewise significant expense deciding variables.

When you settle on the platform straight away, you should pick the specialized determination you expect in the app. Functionality/highlights/features required will add the additional expense close to the fundamental necessities.

The expense contrasts as indicated by features like social sharing, application analytics, payment integration of third party services, deep-link, coupon code and vouchers, referrals and loyalty programs, pin code registration, wishlist, etc.

It would be best to enlist a mobile application designer who offers to incorporate top features according to your business prerequisites. In like manner, it ascertains the expense of administrator board development, backend progress, etc.

The app design

The application’s design is as significant as the app’s functionality concerning web-based business applications. The appalling point of interaction, splash screen, banners, and enhanced visualisations, draws clients to your app. Planning expenses can shift from $2000 to $30000.

Fostering the Android online business app can take up to $21000 to $100000, including the planning and design, annual application store expenses, and application store registration charges. Making the iOS online business application can take up to $9000 to $90000. These expenses are for local applications.

If you consider hybrid E-Commerce application advancement, its expense will take up to $25000 to $150000, including the backend programming, wireframing, database, application screen designs, administrator application, APIs, etc.

The expenses referenced above can vary depending on online e-commerce business stores like Prestashop, Magento, etc.

Designer Rate

Hourly rates of designers are likewise a significant element in deciding the expense of an E-Commerce application. These rates are different according to geological locales. For instance, the hourly charges of designers in the US or Canada begin from $150 to $200. Similarly, beginnings at $30 an hour in nations like India. This variety has a tremendous effect on fostering a complex E-Commerce application that requires some investment.

Understanding Business Requirements

Building A Wireframe

Everything begins with making a wireframe. It is only the visual design of your application that incorporates the actual appearance and the game plan of pages. Typically, the mobile app development for an E-Commerce organisation drafts numerous wireframes for the task so the client can choose from different alternatives. The expense of wireframe improvement relies upon the application’s intricacy. Wireframe making cost for 2-3 pages applications is under $500.

Planning and Designing

The subsequent phase of the E-Commerce mobile app development is planning and designing. The exciting connection point can draw in more individuals to utilise your application. The application configuration has various components; it is essential to zero in on the delicate subtleties and detailed design guidelines. For instance, an E-Commerce mobile app development for Android needs to follow the Material Design and different guidelines given by the Google Play Store. Thus, the standard application configuration expense can cost up to $1500 to $30000.

E-COMMERCE MOBILE App development

The next critical stage is application development. It likewise includes various elements like the number of application highlights and features or the degree of complexities, the number of designers recruited, etc. Considering this multitude of parameters and relying upon your application project prerequisites, we can appraise that the expense of the application advancement stage can stay between $1500 to $70000. The QA or Quality Analysis for tracking down bugs and guaranteeing the application’s quality can cost you $15000 to $30000.

The E-Commerce app development cost estimation does exclude application advancement, backing and upkeep, and update costs. Likewise, if essential, you might need to purchase a permit for your business and a license for an E-Commerce application, which is again an extra cost. So, these elements can cost you around $500 to $2500.

You will find applications that are SaaS (software as a service) based. If you want to consider the E-Commerce application cost as a one-time fixed cost that varies from one seller to another. The expense also incorporates a set-up charge that includes the following: 

Advancing the application icon and splash screen of the application.
Endeavours to make the application live.
Features offering detailing and item preparing clarification.
Personalised application tone with the backend framework.
Application accommodation on the iOS and Android stores.
Data populating exercise.

The set-up will take up to $1500.


The ordinary expense will differ from the plan you pick. It may be proficient, endeavour, starter, advanced, etc. According to the specialist co-op, the terms could change depending on when and how you decide to rethink application improvement.

Starter Plan

For instance,

The starter plan will cost roughly $1490 month to month, including the splash screen, custom logo, branding, various payment methods like debit/credit, net exchange, COD, free payment gateway, message pop-up element, and graphic design tool access. Thus, this plan will help you oversee up to 1000 items on your e-store.

Expert Plan

For instance,

The starter plan will cost roughly $1490 month to month, including the splash screen, custom logo, branding, various payment methods like debit/credit, net exchange, COD, free payment gateway, message pop-up element, and graphic design tool access. Thus, this plan will help you oversee up to 1000 items on your e-store.

Advance plan

The advance plan will generally cost $5990 month to month, including all expert arrangement highlights and items up to 100000 in the application.

For independent native small business ventures, it is prudent to go with the SaaS-based application as it will be reasonable and straightforward to utilise. There are a lot of specialist organisations in the market that are offering SaaS-based applications. You can pick the best one after breaking down items, estimating application cost and different contributions, assuming you are uncertain of the amount it costs to develop an E-Commerce mobile application.

While huge organisations ought to choose one-time advancement cost applications as they are monetarily well-versed. They can tweak applications according to their prerequisites.

Application Functionality

The costs will contrast with basic and advanced online business features.

Presently it would be best to go into the core of the online business site. It will require a few critical yet essential features, whether you need to construct a basic or advanced store. So, let’s find out what are the key features of the mobile app? 

Assuming you decide to build a precise yet detailed site, you should find the best features.

What are the basic E-Commerce mobile features?

Product management, Payment mode and modalities, shopping cart, etc., are a few of the fundamental basic features.

Advanced features

Customized ideas, coupons and discount vouchers, a multi-language, reward points, gamification, AI integration, 360 degree product view, etc., are a few of the advanced features.

Add-ons and Plug-ins

Here, add-ons and plug-ins can be critical if they accommodate your E-Commerce mobile app development cost. The free-of-cost and paid add-ons will help in boosting the app’s functionality.

Factor of time

In addition to the features, you should consider time while developing an application. As though you require a local application, it will take around 1000-1500 hours to assemble. If you don’t have a web store, you can decide on instant CMSs like WordPress and make the store.

The expense of building a web-based e-commerce application of such kind will cost you less. Before developing a mobile application, you should harp on a couple of versatile application thoughts to sort out the amount it expenses to foster a web-based business versatile application. It would assist you with dealing with your funds better.

To ascertain the absolute time of building the web-based business application and the development cycle structure, you can partition it by various work types.

Attributes Time
Designing the app 120 to 200 hours.
Platform development (Android/iOS) (front-end development) 450 to 550 hours.
Back-end development 320 to 400 hours.
Non-development 200 to 250 hours.
Total 1090 to 1400 hours.

Here we utilise the standard hourly cost to develop an E-Commerce mobile app in Canada which is $40. Therefore, the complete expense of E-Commerce application development would generally range between $40000 to $60000. 

So, if you were worried about queries concerning the cost of developing a mobile e-commerce application, we hope you now have the answer.


Considering each of the perspectives referenced above, we can specify that the approximate expense of E-Commerce application advancement ranges between $25000 to $150000. Here, the degree of complexity, duration of development, and different elements are crucial in deciding the complete expense of an E-Commerce application. It is wiser to consult a reputed E-Commerce mobile app development company with your demands and requirements to get an exact estimate.

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