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Reshape your Business process with a High-End IoT App Development company?

Internet of things; as the name suggests, it is a network of devices or things connected to the Internet, e.g. a mobile phone, music player, digital camera, TV or even a vehicle, even institutions such as homes, hospitals, leisure centers, companies. Whichever device it is, IoT connects everything and everyone. Communication can be person-to-person; human-things or things-things. These interconnected things can be accessed and operated from anywhere in the world. IoT allows devices to connect, communicate, and transfer data between other connected devices.

Let’s explain this with a simple example. Mr. Sam forgot to turn off the air conditioning on the way to his office from his home. If his air conditioning supports IoT, and both his air conditioning and his mobile phone are connected to the Internet, Mr. Sam can turn off the air conditioning from anywhere in the world using an app installed on his mobile phone.

  • Easy monitoring of devices
  • Energy saving
  • Cost saving
  • Increases productivity
  • Industry Automation
  • Economical

How IoT Service helps Transform your Business ?

  • Identify use case based on business requirements
  • Roadmap for innovation
  • Platform review for end-to-end integration
  • Provide information to customers to get them started in their Travel IoT.
  • It makes it easy to the creation of roadmaps, domain-based value chain mapping,
  • Business case preparation, use case definition, solution blueprinting, business KPI and ROI mapping
  • Facilitate updates in terms of products and services

IoT Application Across Industries



Agriculture is one of the most important areas where technology should be a high priority. The situation would be unbearable if the agricultural sector had not paid enough attention. With this in mind, Internet of Things technologies has expanded to serve the agricultural sector One such innovative initiative. ITT is used in smart farming to find out the weather reports, harvest life, cattle health, soil quality, etc. Applying automation to agriculture has reduced the time and manpower involved in irrigation and related activities. This gives the farmer more profit.

Wearable devices are those technological devices that are worn on the human body. Some examples of wearable devices are wrist, watches, pants, shirts, glasses, shoes, etc, which can be worn with IoT, for various purposes such as fitness tracking, entertainment, smartphone access, etc.


Health care

IoT plays an essential role in the medical field. IoT allows doctors to have real-time monitoring of the patient’s condition using connected devices and thus save the lives of many. It had long been impossible to connect medical equipment to the Internet. The scenario was changed after the birth of IoT: devices can now quickly access, and transfer patient records to any connected device.

In the current scenario, IoT occupies the lion’s share of the market, thus increasing the values of the company. to another level where complex problems find the easiest and best solutions.It is undeniable that after the arrival of IoT, the majority of business operations are simplified.oT is that technology that helps companies target their potential customers and improves the overall Customer Experiences. Let’s take a quick look at where IoT is applied.



Smart City

Villages are rapidly transforming into cities, proper city planning is needed to meet new demands and needs. IoT helps cities meet their demands. One such application is intelligent Traffic signals. thus avoiding congestion.

We Will Help You

Unify operations

Through IoT solutions such as intralogistics and connected warehouses, we'll assist you in connecting your business processes across all locations. You'll have increased visibility and control, resulting in increased efficiency and performance that enables you to provide the finest service possible.

Centralize your processes

Our Internet of Things development solution assists you in consolidating your business's infrastructure, services, applications, and data flow. You'll be able to manage your organisation centrally, enhancing efficiency and decreasing time-to-market.

Lower your testing costs

Emerging IoT technologies, such as digital twins, can assist clients in transportation, agriculture, and healthcare, among other industries, by providing a cost-effective and precise method for testing and future-proofing systems and products via virtual modelling.

Deliver intelligent UX

We'll assist you with integrating connected devices such as smart metres and sensors to acquire real-time access to a plethora of consumer data that enables you to provide personalised services and an intelligent user experience – thereby increasing engagement and profitability.

Connect all business ecosystems

We'll assist you in developing advanced Internet of Things solutions that incorporate mobile apps and other smart device-compatible alternatives, resulting in a fully connected organisation that performs better and generates more revenue.

Our IoT Services

Secure Device-to-Device, Device-to-Server and Device-to-Cloud connectivity

Our Internet of Things engineers can leverage the capabilities of smart IoT devices and current cloud computing platforms – such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Bluemix – to build highly scalable and efficient systems and processes. We'll integrate connected technologies effortlessly into your company architecture, ensuring secure and steady data interchange, efficient connectivity between systems and devices, and unmatched data security.

Middleware IoT platforms integration

Innbits simplifies the management of big, scattered IT ecosystems — such as those in logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, and retail.
We can combine middleware orchestration systems that enable enterprise-wide transparency, traceability, and open data sharing with better cybersecurity, compliance, and protection capabilities for essential data protection.
Integration of IoT devices enables the following:

  • Automation of, and visibility into, asset management, inventory management, personnel management, and resource management, to name a few.
  • Massive volumes of data will be collected and analysed in order to provide you with increased visibility into performance and security.
  • Improved decision-making, tracking, and reporting of key performance indicators.

Indoor positioning services

We develop intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) applications for indoor positioning that incorporate sensors, smart devices, middleware platforms, and mobile applications.
This enables real-time position monitoring in massive indoor settings with an accuracy that exceeds that of outdoor GPS.
For event organisers, Wi-Fi-enabled IoT solutions can offer location-based marketing and aid in traffic analysis.
Allowing for interior location in logistics entails the following:

  • warehouse asset and inventory management that is more intelligent
  • supply chain management that is intelligent
  • Highly efficient workload and labour monitoring, enhanced theft prevention, and controls on worker accountability

Custom drone software and precision navigation technology

Innbits develops customised solutions to automate hazardous manual tasks ranging from aviation inspections to industrial facility inspections for the oil, gas, manufacturing, and agriculture industries. We employ autonomous, drone-based precise navigation and scanning technology – equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of capturing data from even the most difficult-to-reach surfaces without requiring human intervention. Additionally, our products are capable of operating in GPS-denied places and integrating your data with digital twins for predictive maintenance.

Connected interiors and smart home solutions

We develop unique telematics solutions for real-time collection and analysis of fleet-wide vehicle data, enabling you to acquire a holistic view of fleet efficiency. This enables you to make evidence-based resource consumption decisions, optimise your asset management processes, and enable more intelligent route planning and automated trip logging, all of which contribute to the operational safety of your connected cars.

Custom drone software and precision navigation technology

Our custom Internet of Things application development and smart home solutions enable the sensorization, connection, and interoperability of any devices in your smart environment.
You can do the following with your smart appliances and gadgets linked to a Wi-Fi network:

benefit from intelligent automation:

  • With your phone, tablet, or voice-activated interface, manage your lighting or heating.
  • keep an eye on your energy use
  • for added piece of mind, obtain fast remote access to your smart environment.
  • Immediate notifications in the event of a breach or incident

IoT Frameworks We Build On


Nerves & Elixir

Nerves is an open-source platform and infrastructure for rapidly developing, deploying, and securely managing fleets of IoT devices.



AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service that enables device management, secure communication, and response to device signals.


AWS SageMaker

The data science team at Very leverages AWS SageMaker to rapidly construct, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models.


React Native

Our teams create cross-platform mobile applications that are both efficient and provide a high level of user experience.



Onshape is the first platform for product development that seamlessly integrates CAD, data management, collaboration tools, and real-time analytics.



SciPy is a suite of open-source software that the Very team uses to do scientific computations in Python.

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